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  • KOI is an entrancing beautiful, imaginative game that reflects on the effects of mankind on the environment.
  • 名稱: 鯉

    類型: 解谜游戏


    開發商: Dotoyou

    發行商: 绿洲游戏

    發佈日期: 2016年4月

  • 解谜游戏
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KOI takes players on a seemingly small journey with deeper meaning. In doing so, players will release the delicate koi from the darkness that has engulfed them from the waters tainted by man by solving challenging puzzles, retaining enchanting melodies found within the leaves of branches amongst other missions in this spiritual odyssey. The artfully depicted world of the lotus pond can be explored and navigated, and in the process of collecting items and solving puzzles, the pond will be purified and made better. Waters can be cleansed, nascent flowers can be opened and threats can be transformed into positive elements. As the koi travels through unknown waters, players enjoy a journey of reflection and contemplation. Completing mini games also unveil layers of the story as players flow through the waters.



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